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i am inclined to believe

post-blood moon chemtrails today


In fact, under the current arrangement, you congratulate each other for having secured a “good” job. This “job” grants you “freedom”. “Freedom” in this case means moving out of the home of your parents. It means being on your own. It means having the chance now to stop living off the “job” your parents held, and starting your own. You are “free” now and willingly join the ranks of the others in volunteer slavery.

The lack of ability to choose how you spend your days is a condition of slavery, not freedom. This is regardless of compensation. Reaching the age of maturity and choosing the same path chosen by the adults before you is the single choice offered. It is inside of an enclosed system that depends on continued servitude. If choices are limited in scope and number, you are controlled.

The whole idea that an entire population could successfully run their own lives sounds ludicrous, not because it is, but because the generations of elders before you have paved the path so well you see no other possibilities. Ideas of right, wrong, good and bad surround and include adjectives like success, failure, respectable and disgrace. These ideas have been fed to humanity as a steady stream so that policing us is no longer necessary, we police ourselves. We do so not with guns but with words. Congratulations are generously offered when a “job” is secured. These affirmations by your peers and society in general hold a great and invisible power over your actions. Going outside of the expected and accepted behavior of polite society is frowned upon and seen as selfish, even childish.

The many work for the few, follow orders and obey. To join the ranks of “adulthood” means you willingly engage in this prescribed path. Chains are not necessary; the invisible tie that binds you is the necessity of money.


surely the first organisms to evolve the mutation that makes them stop moving and lose consciousness for a large part of the day would’ve all been eaten

"The purposes and mechanisms of sleep are only partially clear and the subject of substantial ongoing research. Sleep is sometimes thought to help conserve energy, though this theory is not fully adequate as it only decreases metabolism by about 5–10%.

there’s no reason why all the things the body does during sleep couldn’t be achieved without the loss of consciousness

so obviously there is some evolutionary advantage to dreaming itself


i don’t actually know that much about astrology but

yeah it affects everyone differently depending on your natal chart

so not just your sun, moon n rising signs but where all of the planets were when you were born (like ne transit) but also specifically pluto, uranus, jupiter n mars

this site http://www.astrologyonline.eu/Graphic/Form_Input/Input_Data_Transit_Chart.asp will do a natal chart vs. current transits thing for u i think

n otherwise jus google stuff sry

  Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest (via perfect-in-myimperfections)

(via rollership)

ploppy-poos would be a good URL